A bit about me

What can be better than doing what you love? Doing it for living!

Visual arts have always been my passion — and so bringing ideas to life is both my job and hobby. I'm working in many fields: from illustation through designs to desktop publishing. I'm not an "artist", living with my head in the clouds and doing things only for sake of doing "something". In my works I'm trying to reconcile my scientific, analytical side with creative and aesthetic-seeking one to provide the best solution to my clients and commissioners.

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What can I offer

  • Honesty — I'm not trying to cheat anyone and I expect the same from my clients; if there are issues in project, we can talk out a solution: a bit of good will is all that's needed to avoid unpleasant situations
  • Commitment — I don't like to leave anything unfinished, so I'll do my best to get things done
  • Attention to details — every big entity is composed of small pieces that give it its unique character
  • Open mind — sometimes the best solution comes as small remark made on side, so I'm always open to suggestions and feedback from clients
  • Willingness to learn — I'm not an omnibus, but I wouldn't mind becoming one!
  • What you paid for is yours — I don't feel I need to "secure" a client by keeping the editable files: I'm always delivering a full package so you can edit the content yourself or send it to whoever you feel like

If you feel that we could work along well, feel free to contact me either via e-mail or my LinkedIn profile.

Life's more than work

Outside of my working-time I still enjoy drawing and designing — creating pictures or graphics for friends or for my own pleasure. A lot of my inspirations come from musicals and books, especially fantasy-themed — I can't imagine my life without them (that's one of very few things my imagination fails on). I also love horse riding, dancing and video games (my favourites are stealth, RPGs and strategies).